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This advertisement shows a young woman holding two packets of breakfast cereal, one with a Health Star Rating of 2 and the other with a rating of 4, and the following text:

The Health Star Rating.
The more stars, the healthier the choice. Simple.

Choosing healthier food is getting easier with the introduction of Health Star Ratings on the front of many packaged foods.

Ranging from 1/2 to 5 stars, Health Stars help you make healthier choices at a glance.

The number of stars is based on energy, nutrients such as saturated fat, sugars, sodium and protein, and the fruit and vegetable content.

To find out more, visit the Health Star Rating website.

The more stars, the healthier.

The Health Star Rating: A joint Australian, State and Territory governments initiative in partnership with industry, public health and consumer groups.

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.