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Access Keys

This site uses access keys as an alternative to mouse navigation. The following are the access keys used throughout the site.
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The method for using access keys depends on the type of computer you have and the web browser software you use. In general the following combination of keys is used:
  • On a PC using internet explorer - 'Alt' + <access key>, then 'Enter'
  • On a PC using mozilla firefox/netscape - 'Alt' + <access key>
  • On an Apple computer - 'Control' + <access key>

Skip Links

This site has 'skip links' which enable a user to navigate to various areas of each page. These links can be utilised by pressing the tab key.

Semantic mark-up

Website pages have been generated using a logical mark-up structure. This improves the browsing experience for all individuals, including users of screen readers and other assistive devices.