09 May 2016

Stakeholder Workshops

Regular workshops are being held to facilitate discussion about the Health Star Rating system.

19 April 2016

Health Star Rating campaign launches new phase

The third phase of the Health Star Rating (HSR) campaign launched on Sunday 17 April and includes a new range of advertising to help consumers understand how to use the Health Star Rating system.

17 April 2016

Be Healthier. Happier. in Queensland

17 April 2016

Health Star Rating a feature of South Australia's Public Health Week

17 April 2016

Two year review - the Health Star Rating system

As we approach the two year mark for implementation of the Health Star Rating (HSR) system, it's timely to reflect on how we got here, and the successes of the HSR system to-date.

17 April 2016

What do consumers think of the Health Star Rating?

08 March 2016

How does a product get a Health Star Rating?

With the Health Star Rating spreading across supermarket shelves around the nation, many people are asking: how do products get a Health Star Rating?

08 March 2016

Take care of your kidneys by using the Health Star Rating on World Kidney Day

On World Kidney Day, we are reminded that maintaining a healthy weight and balanced diet can help care for your kidneys.

01 February 2016

Back to school 2016 - Eating Well

The summer holidays are coming to an end and that 'back to school' feeling is settling in.

01 February 2016

Healthy Weight Week 2016 - Get inspired to achieve a healthier weight and lifestyle

Maintaining a healthly weight and getting regular exercise can help you live longer, improve your physical and mental health, and get mroe out of life.

13 November 2015

Eat well and 'MOVE' for Movember and World Diabetes Day

Movember and World Diabetes Day help to remind us that maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and regular physical activity is vital for everyone.

12 October 2015

National Nutrition Week (11-17 October)

This week aims to raise awareness of the impact of food on our health and wellbeing and encourages us to make healthy food choices. While fresh is always best, if we chose to eat some packaged food, the Health Star Rating (HSR) system helps us to make informed, healthier choices.

14 September 2015

Update to Guide for Industry to the Health Star Rating Calculator, with regard to classification of nut- and seed-based beverages

Following the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation meeting on 3 July 2015, the Guide for Industry to the Health Star Rating Calculator has been updated to reflect that nut- and seed-based beverages may be classified as Category 1D products, if they meet the calcium requirements for that category, for the purpose of the Health Star Rating system. The Forum also agreed to seek further consideration by the Food Regulation Standing Committee on how dairy alternative beverages should be categorised within the HSR system, and how they should be treated under the relevant food standard. This work is being progressed.

15 July 2015

Simple lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of chronic diseases

During National Diabetes Week, Diabetes Australia will launch a new campaign, ‘280 a Day’, aiming to educate and increase Australian’s understanding of diabetes.

09 July 2015

Health Star Rating Campaign helps shoppers make healthier food choices

Seeing stars? Many food manufacturers and retailers are beginning to display Health Star Ratings on the front of packaged foods.

19 June 2015

There's no cure quite like prevention

This week is Men’s Health Week. Improve your long term heath by making healthier food choices with the Health Star Ratings.

12 June 2015

Updated HSR Calculator Terms and Conditions now include use for research purposes

The 'Licence Terms and Conditions for use of the HSR Calculator and Artwork' have been updated to include provisions for use in research in relation to the labelling of food (including research publication). The provisions regarding the use for labelling food have not been changed.

08 May 2015

New factsheets available for download

New factsheets are now available for download. These explain why we need Health Star Ratings and how to use the system to make healthier food choices.

10 December 2014

Health Star Rating campaign

An information campaign has commenced to support the implementation of the system.