With the Health Star Rating spreading across supermarket shelves around the nation, many people are asking: how do products get a Health Star Rating?

Health Star Ratings are determined using the Health Star Rating Calculator available at the Health Star Rating website.

Companies enter nutritional information regarding their product by following the instructions in the Guide for Industry.

The Calculator determines a rating for the product based on the amount of saturated fat, sugars, sodium, and energy (kilojoules) it contains per 100g or 100ml.

Products score extra points and potentially higher ratings depending on the quantity of certain positive ingredients and nutrients they contain such as fibre, fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and protein.

The Calculator then determines what Health Star Rating, between 0.5 to 5 stars, the company can display on their product.

The system is currently voluntary and there are no fees involved with receiving a Health Star Rating for a product.

The Health Star Rating system uses stars, from half to five stars; to provide an at-a-glance comparison between of similar packaged and processed food, such as between two cereals or muesli bars.

So just remember on your next shopping trip, the more stars on the front of pack, the healthier the choice.

To better understand the importance of healthy eating and for more information on how to use the Health Star Rating system, visit the Health Star Rating website.