The Health Star Rating Calculator is currently only available in Microsoft Excel format. The Calculator should always be used in conjunction with the Health Star Rating system Calculator and Style Guide, which explains how the star ratings are calculated and provides important guidance, such as appropriate categorisation of products, how to determine the form of a food and the calculation of fruit, vegetable, nut and legume (fvnl) content.

When using the Calculator, a decimal point must be used as a decimal separator, not a comma.

An Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) artwork file contains all Health Star Rating graphic display options. The graphic file is not pre-populated and instead must be manipulated, using an appropriate program, to produce the desired graphic.

  • Excel Calculator and Artwork - A spreadsheet that calculates the Health Star Rating only. Uses the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating food categories, with the conversion to HSRC categories taking place in the background. Before accessing the Excel calculator, please close any Excel workbooks that may already be open on your desktop. Terms and Conditions must be accepted before use. Data entered can be downloaded or printed for your records.