Please close the application Excel before downloading the Health Star Rating Calculator.

The Health Star Rating Calculator allows you to enter data specific to your products to calculate their star rating.

The Health Star Rating Calculator can be downloaded as an Excel Spreadsheet embedded with the algorithm and lookup tables.

The Health Star Rating system Calculator and Style Guide provides detailed information about how the Health Star Rating is calculated. The Health Star Rating Calculator should be used in conjunction with this Guide.

Downloading the Health Star Rating Calculator

Instructions to using the Health Star Rating Calculator (HSRC) spreadsheet

Values should be entered in all of the orange fields only. The blue fields will autopopulate. All nutrient and energy values are for the food product, per 100g / 100mL.

Row number


Health Star Rating Category

Select from the drop down list.


Enter the name and appropriate descriptors (such as pack size, flavour) for the food product.

Company name


Nutrient information fields

Energy, Saturated Fat, Total Sugars, Sodium, Fibre, Protein, Conc(entrated) FVNL%, FVNL%.

For each field, enter the amount of each nutrient per 100g /100mL for the food product.

Star rating

This will be generated automatically. Coloured icons represent full stars. Open/uncoloured icons represent half stars. If you believe that your health star rating is incorrect, consider the following points.

In the Health Star Rating Calculator:

  • Have you chosen the correct category for the food product?
  • Have all nutrient values been entered correctly?
  • Have you entered values (or zero values) in all of the orange spreadsheet fields?
  • Has FVNL (fruit, vegetable, nut and legume) content been calculated correctly?