On 27 June 2014, the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation (Forum) agreed that the Health Star Rating (HSR) system should be implemented voluntarily over five years with a review of the progress of implementation after two years. Subsequent to this decision, on 20 November 2015, members of the Forum agreed that a formal review of the system should also be carried out after five years of implementation.

Review of the progress of implementation after two years (27 June 2014 to 26 June 2016)

The scope of the review of the progress of implementation after two years has been agreed by the HSR Advisory Committee (HSRAC) and the former Front-of-Pack Labelling Steering Committee. The agreement was that the review report should include:

  • Outcomes of the monitoring of the HSR system undertaken by the National Heart Foundation of Australia (Heart Foundation), including analysis of the three areas of enquiry:
    • label implementation and consistency with the HSR system Style Guide;
    • consumer awareness and ability to use the HSR system correctly; and
    • nutrient status of products carrying a HSR system label.
  • Outcomes of the monitoring of the HSR system in New Zealand.
  • An update on the social marketing campaigns in Australia and New Zealand, including outcomes of the campaign evaluations.
  • A summary of: anomaly and dispute submissions considered by the HSRAC; stakeholder engagement activities; requests for information from stakeholders; media commentary; and issues that have been raised for inclusion in the formal review at five years.
  • Changes to the governance arrangements.
  • Proposed activities to continue support for the implementation of the HSR system.

It is envisaged that the two year review of progress report will be provided to the Forum for its consideration in mid 2017.

Formal review of the system after five years (27 June 2014 to 26 June 2019)

The scope of the formal review after five years will be more comprehensive than the review of progress after two years.

In April 2016, the HSRAC commenced planning for the formal five year review of the HSR system and agreed that, if possible, the review report will be provided to the Forum in June 2019. Members agreed that, in order to achieve a degree of independence, consultant(s) should be engaged to complete the review. Members also agreed that a Technical Advisory Group be established to assist in the review the HSR Calculator.

The Technical Advisory Group has been established. The purpose of the group will be to analyse the performance of the HSR system Calculator, and respond to technical issues and related matters referred to it by the HSRAC.

The HSRAC is currently considering which issues will be considered in the context of the five year formal review of the HSR system, some of which will be considered by the Technical Advisory Group. Some of these issues have been raised at HSR stakeholder workshops and others have been raised directly with the HSRAC. Information on progress in addressing key issues will be uploaded to the website in due course.