The Health Star Rating system featured in Australia’s first ever Public Health Week held in South Australia from 4 to 8 April 2016. Public Health Week reminded us of the various ways Public Health works behind the scenes to keep you, your family, and your community, safe and well.

Public Health is what we do collectively as a society to create the conditions and environments that allow for the health and wellbeing of all Australians. Most of these activities occur without your knowledge, whereas others need your active engagement and support to ensure maximum benefit is achieved by all individuals.

Public Health protects health, prevents illness and promotes wellbeing, through many actions, a few examples include:

  • the Health Star Rating system
  • immunisation programs throughout our lives
  • ensuring the safety and security of our water and food supply
  • provision of recreational and social facilities that support personal and community wellbeing such as parks and cycleways
  • falls prevention
  • controlling the supply and use of tobacco
  • cancer screening programs

Public Health Week 2016 was about bringing Public Health into greater public view, and celebrating its often unseen achievements. This year’s theme for Public Health Week was “You might not need hospital or medical care everyday but you need Public Health every day”.

Public Health Week provided the opportunity to acknowledge the partnerships that are fundamental to ensuring delivery of Public Health actions across a broad range of areas.

SA Health greatly values the roles of partner agencies and Public Health Week provided an opportunity for local government councils to showcase what they do every day to protect health, prevent illness and promote wellbeing. This work delivers good Public Health outcomes in every community and in every council, across South Australia, every day.

SA Health, councils and the Local Government Association also marked Public Health Week with a wide range of activities, including displays, community activities and a stall in Rundle Mall to mark World Health Day.

By taking care of ourselves, and supporting friends and family to lead healthier lives, we can all play a role in promoting and maintaining good health and wellbeing. One of the easiest ways that we, as individuals, can improve our physical health is by eating a healthy diet that follows the Australian Dietary Guidelines. The Health Star Rating system has been developed to help you choose the healthier option between similar packaged foods.

See where the Health Star Rating System fits into our ‘A day in your life with public health’ video on YouTube.

For more information visit the South Australia Health website.